I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to become a Polarity Practitioner! Grace Harrington Murdoch is such a phenomenal instructor, she is clear when presenting information and fully present with her students, her work as an energy-work practitioner is soulful and laced with integrity. I have been very fortunate to receive work from her personally as well as to receive work from her students. I’m touched and impressed every time I come into contact with this wonderful place!
— Catheryn Schoenfarber
It’s been a wonderful year with Grace Harrington Murdoch learning about Polarity Therapy, and I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the course, which ends in October... I highly recommend learning from Grace, she is an exceptional teacher and offers all of her knowledge, which is plentiful and great.
— Johnna Aggelikas
Where do I begin? Grace is magical. She has a beautiful presence that you can see and feel. She is staggeringly knowledgeable and shares her wisdom with ease and humility. Grace embodies love, kindness and generosity. Her talents are vast and this allows her to reach and assist so many people. She believes in connection and is constantly weaving a web of wellness. I am forever grateful to have Grace in my swirly orbit.
Grace taught and guided me through the Reiki Level one class and she is absolutely amazing, such a wonderful and loving person. She has inspired me to go further on my spiritual and holistic practitioner journey, and I am forever grateful for having met her.
Nothing makes me happier than learning from Grace. She is filled with so much knowledge and has the sweetest deliverance about her. Grace came into my life as a blessing. I was able to receive my Reiki I, II, and Reiki Master attunements through Grace. I’ve had the pleasure of other classes such as Crystals. I’m excited to work with Grace in the future!!