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Alexander Technique Workshop

  • Four Directions Integrative Health 6 Lexington Avenue Gloucester, MA 01930 United States (map)

The Alexander Technique is a simple, practical method for getting rid of unwanted tension in the body. It has been used successfully for over 100 years by people with bad backs, stiff necks, repetitive stress injuries, breathing difficulties, anxiety, depression and chronic pain as well as by musicians, actors, dancers, athletes and others who use their bodies professionally.

This introductory workshop will present Mr. Alexander's discoveries and leave you feeling lighter, calmer and more grounded and free.

Benefits experienced by people who study the Alexander Technique include:

Improved posture
A common reason people take lessons in the Alexander Technique is to improve posture. By teaching how to recognize and unlearn habits of tension that interfere with posture, the Alexander Technique can enable individuals of all ages to regain good posture for the long-term - free of stiffness and tension.

Pain relief
A leading contributing factor of musculoskeletal pain (and often its underlying cause) is unrecognized patterns of excess tension. A common response to pain is further tension which usually exacerbates discomfort. Because it teaches how to recognize and unlearn these habitual patterns, the Alexander Technique has long been known for its effectiveness in relieving neck, back and joint pain for the long-term. These benefits have been reported in published research.

Improved ability to deal with stress
By teaching how to respond to any stimulus with less tension, the Alexander Technique enables you to better handle life’s stresses.

More comfortable computer use
Repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain, headaches and stress-related disorders are common to many computer users. While changes to the work station — chair design, monitor and keyboard placement — can improve the ergonomics, the Alexander Technique teaches the computer user how to use your body comfortably even when the work station is not ideal. With the Alexander Technique you can learn how to avoid injury and relieve the tension and pain often associated with computer use.

Your Alexander Technique teacher can teach you how to:
- sit comfortably upright without strain prevent spinal compression and muscular tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back
- improve range of motion in the joints reduce pressure on the keyboard and mouse to relieve stress on the wrist and prevent carpal tunnel injury
- become more aware of your body's signals and signs of distress so you can relieve tension before it escalates to pain
- breathe properly to prevent fatigue and calm the nervous system - - restore balance - during and after work

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring along a couple of paperback books to use as props.

You'll be given several handouts covering some of the material introduced, including a powerful five minute daily practice that will begin giving you profound positive results within a week.

Larry Young is an AmSat certified teacher of the Technique and is based in Manchester-by-the-Sea.

When: Wednesday, October 23rd: 6:15 - 8:15 pm
Where: Four Directions Integrative Health 6 Lexington Ave. Gloucester, MA
Investment: $25 | $30 at the door